As the world grapples with now pandemic COVID-19 FACM is committed in prayer together withthe international Christian community believing God is greater than any dreaded disease.  Join us in prayer each and everyday of this week as specified down below.  We thank Pastor Ray Corpuz, Every Nation Church-Abu Dhabi for sharing.
In the light of the global threat of COVID-19, Every Nation Church in Abu Dhabi has initiated a daily prayer against this disease until it’s effectively contained.  We are enjoining all members to pray daily at 1900 (7PM) for five minutes or so wherever they may be at this time. Anyone is free to adopt this prayer initiative.  Below is a list of the prayer focus for each day of the week:
Pray by using the Scriptures, Psalm 91:1-5, 121:5-8; John 14:27; Philippians 4:6-7; 2 Timothy 1:7.  Let’s pray together as we find answers and assurance from God’s Word.
Being in the forefront  of the fight against COVID-19, they need prayers for protection, strength, alertness, and endurance.
Accurate reports area must in this perilous times. Pray that truthful bulletins and correct information would drown the proliferation of fake news and falsehoods.
Government leaders need great wisdom as they develop and implement necessary guidelines, measures and strategies to protect their people  and nation.
Scientists the world over are busy working in their labs to develop testing kits and vaccines to control and cure COVID-19, PRAY that there will be a common understanding and cooperation all around the scientific community in sharing resources in combating the disease.
WHO has declared COVID-1 as a pandemic. Pray that people around the world will not result into panic mode but instead choose to be informed to protect themselves and their families by taking the necessary precautions to STOP the spread of the virus and for GOD to draw people unto himself for the assurance of their protection and salvation.
To date , there are close to 128,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 around the world, pray for complete healing, full recovery, and comfort for the families of individuals who did not survived after contracting the disease.
Let’s boldly call upon the God of all sovereign power to have mercy upon us and graciously hear and answer these petitions!