We thank you for visiting this page to provide Fil-Am Christian Ministry (FACM) your financial support through online giving.  GIVING is part of our worship to GOD for the following reasons:*
1.  GIVING shows that HE is the LORD of our lives (James 1:17).
2.  We are blessed when we give (Acts 20:35).
3.  When we give freely to GOD, we received freely from GOD (Luke 6:38, Proverbs 11:24).
4.  God values our offerings differently than men do (Mark 12:41-44).
5.  Our financial giving reveals a picture of our lives surrendered to GOD (Romans 12:1).
6.  We rob GOD when we fail to give to HIM (Malachi 3:8).
Your financial support is important to us. Any donations in the form of TITHES & OFFERING are allocated to FACM local ministries, domestic and international missions.  You can also designate your offering specific to FACM Building Fund, Benevolent Offering, FACM-Westside Fellowship, and or any specific ministry of FACM. To donate and or start your online giving, please CLICK, or copy and paste the online giving hyperlink/URL below to your web browser (i.e. Google, Microsoft EDGE, etc) and follow the online giving instructions.  
You can also take a picture with your smart phone the QR Code below and will navigate you to the initial process of online giving.
Thank you for your support through your financial GIVING & PRAYERS.  May GOD’s blessings be upon you.
*Fairchild, Mary. “What Does the Bible Say About Giving?” Learn Religions, Feb. 11, 2020, learnreligions.com/what-does-the-bible-say-about-church-giving-701992.